Helping You Develop a Plan for Legal Guardianship in Boise, ID

Planning ahead is the mark of intelligence and foresight. It helps cover contingencies that may arise so you’re not left in a quandary. Children are often the main impetus for taking such a step. For example, planning for legal guardianship in Boise, ID, is a way to ensure they have the future you envision.

Plans of this sort lay out the details of who will take care of a child if neither parent can fill that role. It ensures the minor’s welfare is front and center for everyone involved. When you are choosing a guardian, it’s best to have a legal law firm draw up a document that all parties agree to follow. The individual you select will then become legally responsible for the child if you cannot. It’s important when picking a guardian that you take into account their relationship to the child and the child’s future.

Guardianship is not just a matter that should be considered during a separation or divorce. Ideally, it’s something that is dealt with before it’s needed, as in the case of a single-parent family or if one parent is ill. It may not be a pleasant topic to consider, but it’s a prudent one that will give you peace of mind.

If you wish to plan for your child’s guardianship, make child support modifications, or need similar legal service, our team at Tore Beal Gwartney, J.D. is always ready to help.